hey guys sorry i’ve not been around for the past few days, i was at megacon :) some pics i managed to get below the cut

So i spent part of the time working a booth, and then an even larger part of the time walking around the dealer’s room lol. I managed to attend the lolita panel on friday, and I watched an episode of blood lad and kill la kill (both of which were fairly amusing, but didn’t especially catch my interest). Saturday i made it to my first CFLS meetup and everyone there was very nice. i didn’t really do much on sunday, bought a few more things, and left early

ok so here’s some cosplay photos i snapped (didn’t get very many :<)

super epic crown clown allen

i just noticed the kanda’s eyes were closed. also dang lavi’s shoes lol

two clever uses of wheelchairs in cosplay :P

the only decent looking 3DMG i saw, though he doesn’t seem to be cosplaying any actual character (titan food corps member number 39? lol). surprisingly less snk cosplayers than i expected, though it was a large con so maybe proportionately it just seems small.

my favorite XD

I took this picture solely in thought of Krystina :P

and finally

who’s that lady? oh yeah it’s me. 

The only team free will group i saw got away from me in the dealer’s room before i could catch them for a photo :( i saw a lot of castiels though.

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